A Vision For Life at the Water’s Edge

The Cape is the last of its kind. Fourteen acres of pristine oceanfront within Kiawah Island’s original West Beach community. For us, at East West Partners, The Cape is an opportunity to honor everything we love about the island’s history and those who made it their haven — and a chance to create and celebrate a new way of life — informed and inspired by everything that’s come before it.

As an oceanfront community, The Cape is focused on sustainability, stewardship, and preservation of our most unique and loved places. The Cape’s development team is committed to a resource-efficient infrastructure, energy-efficient materials and utilities, and LEED certification upon completion.

West Beach, A Kiawah Original

There’s perhaps nowhere we feel our essential connection with nature more than in Kiawah’s pristine, original community, West Beach. Those who choose to live on The Cape have the unique opportunity to understand the harmony of nature, its never-ending expression, and our irreplaceable relationship with it. We couldn’t be prouder to call it home.

where ocean and river meet

Nurture The Place You Love

As Kiawah Island’s original neighborhood — and now, home to The Cape, West Beach is fast becoming a much-loved retreat for a new generation of locals and newcomers. This renewed energy brings with it beautiful transformations to treasured island amenities like The Sandcastle, Cougar Point Golf Course, and trail systems.

Call The Cape Home

From its unparalleled location, The Cape is unlike any other community on Kiawah Island and perhaps, anywhere. Find your place.